Tagging Instructions


Please click Tagging Instructions for a pdf version.

We will not accept the computer generated, barcoded tags used by another area sale.

# 1 – Take a 3″ x 5″ white index card and turn it vertically to write your information.

# 2 – Allow enough room at the top to place a safety pin. Ouch! NO straight pins!

# 3 – On the far left side of the card, well under the “safety pin area”, write your consignor number.

# 4-6 – In the middle of the card, write the size of the garment, a brief description, and the price. Use WHOLE dollars with NO items listed under one dollar.

# 7 – If you DO NOT want the item sold for ½ off on Saturday; SNIP off 1 inch at the left bottom corner of the tag. Make it obvious — if we can’t tell at a glance, it goes for half price.

Allow half-price                                                     Full price only
Instructions_clip_image002                                     Instructions_clip_image004

# 8 – Pin the tag to the right hand side (see below) of the garment with a SAFETY PIN.Rev Shirt

# 9 – Place the garment on a hanger with the hanger “neck” pointing LEFT. Pants and shorts work better if they are secured with safety pins to the top “shoulder area” of the hanger. Does the hanger hook look like a question mark? Then you have done it correctly!!!


# 10 – Your clothing items must be grouped together by gender AND size. Place a rubber band around the hook part of a group of hangers.

Additional Instructions

If you would like to sell your GAME CARTRIDGES, GAME DISCS, AND SO FORTH:

– Prepare an index card as outlined above. Add a note that the cartridge/disc is at the check out.  Tape the card to the game case. Remove all of the game cartridges or CDs from the cases and place in a zip bag clearly listing your consignor number. We will hold these at the cash registers and match them up when they are sold. Your index cards/cases will be displayed on the sale floor.

MOVIE DVD’S do not require special handling.  Keep in case.

SHOES – Place in a zippered plastic bag with the tag pinned securely to the OUTSIDE of the bag!  If the shoes will not fit in a zippered bag, please pin the tag to the shoe or laces. Tape does not adhere securely to shoes and a lost tag means no sale!

TOYS W/LOOSE PIECES OR PARTS – Place the pieces and/or parts in a zippered plastic bag and attach SECURELY to the item it goes with. Attach your tag in a highly visible place.

WHOLE dollar amounts only ($1.00, $2.00, etc). NO ITEMS under $1. We adjust prices downward.

ELECTRONICS welcomed if working and has all parts.

Thank YOU for consigning with us!